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Are your SEO efforts going strong, but the pages they’re linking to look like they were built in the wrong decade? Keep those conversions flowing with beautiful landing pages that motivate your visitors to keep clicking.

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Why should I have a landing page?

If you’re running advertising campaigns, then you should have a landing page. Landing pages are targeted experiences with a very specific goal in mind. Do you want your users to sign up for a free consultation? Buy a promoted item? Sign up for a newsletter? When you’re spending money on Adwords or social media campaigns, you want to see results. A good, direct landing page will help turn leads into conversions.

Relevant Results

Good landing pages are relevant to whatever the user clicked on to get there. If your user clicked on a Facebook ad expecting to see promotions on spa treatments, then that’s what the landing page should be focused on. They would be very confused if they landed on your homepage instead, and might click away from your site before they find what they were drawn to in the first place.

The right amount of content

When a user clicks on an advertising campaign, whether it’s through a Twitter link, an email, or a Google search, they have specific expectations of what they’ll see on the next page. Landing pages should include only the amount of content needed to convince the visitor to convert; this varies by goal. Landing pages might even discard most of the global site navigation (such as the main menu) in favour of a targeted experience.

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