What does your brand say about you?


Your brand is your visitor’s first impression of your business, organization, or non-profit. It’s what they think of when they hear your name, everything from your logo and colours to your message. A unique brand image will go a long way in helping you stand apart from your competitors.

Rocket-power your brand’s potential

Brand Creation

Have you just started a new business? Maybe you’ve been around for a while, but don’t have a solid brand presence yet? Talk to our experts to learn how we can help you build a brand that will connect with your audience.

A good brand is…

More than a logo

Your brand encompasses everything about your business that is customer-facing. It’s your name, your logo, your packaging, and even the emotions customers have when thinking about your business.


Is there a disconnect between your brand and what your business is actually about? If you specialize in expensive jewelry, your brand shouldn’t look like it belongs to the discount store next door.


Trends come and go, but classic brands stand the test of time. By relying on elements that represent you and not just what looks cool that week, your brand will stay relevant longer in the public eye.


We don’t just slap a logo on a business card and call it a day. Your brand needs to look good on signs, letterheads, social media posts, websites, vehicles, and stationery, in a variety of formats and colours.

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A fresh coat of paint

Brand Refresher

A great brand will have a timeless logo that ages well throughout the years. If your brand isn’t standing up to the test of time, or you’ve outgrown it in the years that have passed, we can help. A new logo can strengthen your brand’s message 5 reasons you need a new logo and selling points in ever-changing markets.

Test Your Brand’s Personality

Is your brand more…

Personable & Friendly
Corporate & Professional
Spontaneous, High Energy
Careful Thinking, Planning
Modern / High Tech
Classic & Traditional
Cutting Edge
Accessible To All

Your brand is...

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