Why Choose Ankit Designs?

Our Process

All our websites start with a ‘hello’



First Meeting

Every client’s needs are different. Are you a new start-up launching the next best idea? A mom & pop restaurant digitizing their menu? Maybe a non-profit accepting donations? Our expert representatives sit down with you to understand your digital needs, your business’s pain points, and help determine how to best achieve your goals.


Website Needs Analysis

Project Proposal


After the proposal has been accepted, you’ll be introduced to your dedicated project manager. Your PM will help with collecting the various assets that bring a website to life, from images to copy. They’ll also explain the project timeline and milestones to expect while we work on your new website.


Website Blueprint

Asset Collection

Copy Aggregation


Research & Design

We put time into understanding your market and your competition before putting a single line on paper. Armed with that knowledge and our own expertise, we craft pixel-perfect designs for desktop and mobile that will make your website sparkle and shine.


Competitive Analysis

Designed Mockups

Weekly Touch Points



Here comes the meat of the project. Once the designs have been approved, we go to work turning still images into fully-functioning web pages. We work on our own development server, and give clients access to their in-process websites through our Launchpad. Most of our builds utilize WordPress, a well-known and well-supported Content Management System that enables our clients to make edits to their own website without any coding knowledge.

With a couple of finishing touches, your website is ready to move onto the next phase…


Functional Prototype

Weekly Touch Points

Testing & Launch

Blast off! It’s launching time. We pull up a maintenance screen, move the website off our development servers onto your own hosting, and test every nook and cranny to ensure your website launches smoothly. When we get the green light, the maintenance curtain comes down and your new website is ready to show the whole world!


User Testing




Your shiny new website is up for the world to see. Now what?

What if you want to make an update or a blog post? We’ve got How-To videos for that. Are you concerned about keeping your website backed up and updated? The CareKit takes care of all that so you can stop worrying about your website and go back to running your business. And if a problem ever occurs, our team is always available through our dedicated support ticket system.



How-To Videos

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