Saudi Envirozone

  • 2019
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Technology


Revamp web presence with a modern, competitive look highlighting the company’s many products and services


As one of the leaders in air quality and environmental solutions in the Middle East, Saudi Envirozone had long outgrown the limitations of their old website. They approached us at Ankit Designs with a vision for a vibrant, engaging platform with plenty of animations both loud and subtle to catch the attention of users. At the same time, the website had to be informative and highlight their large variety of services and hundreds of products.

The result is a website that is both entertaining to navigate and provides their clients with all the information needed to choose Saudi Envirozone for their environmental projects.

The Client Says

We worked with Ankit on more than one project, great experience and professional team all away from Saudi Arabia. Really an outstanding company.

Fluid Movement

Custom elements such as the animated preloader and unconventional grid menu shift the tone of the design from purely informational to interactive and engaging. Finding the delight in small details — like the line by line animation of custom icons and drawings — brings the website to life.


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Big Stone

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East Bay

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Saudi Envirozone Logo Concept in White


As the first environmental company in Saudi Arabia, we were enlisted with the task to create a brand that reflected the innovative position of the company. We started out with the concept surrounding fluidity, purity, and oxygen.

Our goal was to make the logo represent temperature, and climate control, which we achieved through a simple adjustment to the typeface. The logo expressed a clean, friendly, yet professional feel that could be used across multiple mediums.

Saudi Envirozone Logo Concept in Blue

That's not all we have up our sleeves

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