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Web Development and Cross Web Browser Compatibility

The fact that we live in a technological age means that a good majority of the world has access to devices used to get online. From laptops to smartphones and even tablets. It also means that we have a choice as to which kind of browsers we want to use. Most computer users prefer Google Chrome, while those who are loyal to Microsoft prefer Internet Explorer, and iPhone users use Safari and so on. The point is, we all have a choice on which browsers to use. As much as this is wonderful for users (having multiple options to choose from is almost always a good thing), it creates tremendous trouble for web development Milton professionals.

These designers and developers need to make sure that the websites they create are compatible with as many different browsers as possible if not all of them. As much a vast majority of online users use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, there are enough people who use Safari, Opera and a host of other browsers that you may not have even heard of before. This audience is big enough to warrant attention.

Browser statistics and user trends

According to statistics, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari and Chrome cover up to 97% of all Internet users. Of these big browsers, IE has about 45% of that market share thus making it the most popular. It is followed by Firefox which has 29%. This doesn’t even take into account the variations within these browsers that users choose (IE8 happens to be the most popular version of this browser).

Why is cross- browser compatibility important?

It allows for 24/7 website uptime

The entire point as to why people commission the creation of websites is so that they can increase their brand awareness online. This means that they want their businesses to be open 24/7 to all their local and international clients. Since these businesses cannot dictate the kind of browser their clients use, it is often best to simply have a website that can be viewed through whatever browser used.

It affects user experience

The problem is that many of these browsers interpret HTML, CSS, and JavaScript a little differently. This means that where some images, videos, and texts may appear perfectly on one browser, these elements may seem totally disjointed in another thus lowering the degree of user experience. In some cases, some browsers even break the website completely thus making it impossible to find.

It affects brand awareness and image

Every business owner has a particular vision of how they want their brand image to be observed online. Most people pay web development Milton professionals handsomely to ensure that this image is passed across and appropriately developed online. This often includes the kind of aesthetics applied to your website and so on. This visual effect could be lost in some browsers thus rendering that image moot for your potential clients using those browsers. According to them, your website will look unprofessional, and that is all they will see in your brand image.

As much as it might be difficult to create a website that is fully compatible with every single browser available today, it is entirely possible to ensure that you have cross-browser compatibility of the most popular ones. That is what web development Milton professionals do best.

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