Is the term ‘Web Designer’ Blasphemous Nowadays?

By Adam

Is the term ‘Web Designer’ Blasphemous Nowadays?

In many scenarios that is unfortunately the case. What has conspired to take this term’s once great reputation of creatively acute minds down such a sullied path of contentious chatter? Over the years the term ‘web designer’ has become bastardized to the point that its mere mention is met with corrupted impressions and ambiguous definitions.
Were you to Google the term ‘web designer’, you would encounter so many differing results under its umbrella of meaning, that most would be sopping wet (there’s so many of them that they can’t all fit under the umbrella – get it? :). Over the years web designers have had to, out of necessity, acquire skills not traditionally thought of as ‘web designer’ territory; couple that with the ushering in of DIY options like Wix, Tumblr, Squarespace, Weebly, and a slew of others, we have all essentially reached “web designer” status, in a manner of speaking.

As a result of the above, companies rarely know which way is up, lamenting the sheer notion of having to research these services. As a company looking for web services, here are 5 important points of focus that will guarantee a wise decision:

1. Get clear on the product or service you actually require, be it custom graphics, content management system (CMS), brand consulting, logo design etc.
2. Understand your reasons for acquiring these services.
3. Clearly identify the goals to be achieved.
4. Find a company who will partner with you in a consultative relationship.
5. Make sure they understand your business.
Remember, without adherence to the 5 guidelines above, you leave yourself open to expense aimed in the wrong direction.
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