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Web Development Whitechurch – Stouffville

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When you think of your business website, do you think of security? Are you going to be liable when you are hacked? Do you know the best practices to ensure safe and reliable service from all the applications that run your site? You should know, or you should look for someone who does. When you have a major project that needs web development, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of web development Whitechurch-Stouffville professionals.

Best practices

A great web development agency understands that businesses thrive on processes and automation. They also know that your website works the same way. That is why they have procedures in place that ensure your web project is safe from start to finish.

It doesn’t do you any good to end up with a website if your web developer did not insert a secure application when setting it up. The best developers continually audit applications and test the site for reliability and safety.

Professionals understand the programs and languages that run inside your web server like ASP or PHP. They build safeguards into your complete system as they build it. That ensures secure coding in every aspect of your web design.

After all, it is your reputation that is at stake. What would happen to your business if your customers no longer trusted your website? What do you think they would do to you if they found the personal information they shared with you was at risk?

Web assessment

There are many parts of your website that should remain confidential, not just the parts that process payments. For instance, you want your maintenance functions locked away too. You don’t want others going through all those emails in your system. Nor do you want them to install their own applications that run behind the scenes on your site.

That’s why, when going through the stages of web development Whitechurch-Stouffville businesses rightly demand regular website audits and changes in passwords.

A good web development agency will have dedicated web developers who will work with you during the whole process. Those developers assess the progress, safety and reliability of the website project as they go along. They will be able to counsel you in making safe changes as you upgrade to state-of-the-art graphics and effects.

Untrusted data

Web developers know that most security issues happen when untrusted data gets injected into the software. That can occur when you open an infected email or when you leave your computers open to the public.

Skilled developers have standards in place that incorporate the best practices from such agencies as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) to guide their coding. The OWASP Top Ten list helps to improve the security of software. That means they have a checklist to ensure the website won’t be commandeered, overloaded, broken, blocked or hacked when properly set up.

As you can see, there are lots of things to keep track of with any web project. That is why it’s important to have a good web agency to back you up. Fortunately, when dealing with web development, Whitechurch-Stouffville businesses have found such a company in Ankit Designs.

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