Great Website Design, It’s Benefits, & Why It’s Important

By Adam

Great Website Design, It’s Benefits, & Why It’s Important

Imagine you go to your local market to get some fresh veggies. There are several grocery stores, and you enter one of them. As you enter, you have no space to walk, a long queue of customers, and poorly managed racks.

Now, you have two options. Waste your time finding the products you want to buy and wait in the long queue or go to the adjacent grocery store to get your veggies quickly. What would you do?

Exactly! You would move on to another grocery store. The same thing happens when a visitor clicks on a poorly designed website. They bounce another site. This is where a great website design comes in handy!

The importance of a good web design Gif
Users when they see poor website design

Why your business needs a great website design

According to Top Design Firms, Read the full 5 trends to consider for a website redesign 50% of consumers believe that website design is crucial for a brand.

Everyone wants to save time and energy. A well-designed website provides a smooth experience to the user and gives clarity about your brand.

How Website Design Impact Visitors
A study by Good Firms shows the top reasons for a visitor to leave a website

Hence, an exceptionally designed website has everything that will keep a visitor hovering on to your site and leave a good impression on your prospects. Eventually, it contributes to accomplishing the objectives of your business.

Let’s learn more about how a great website design benefits your business:

6 Key Benefits of Having a Great Website Design

Here are some of the benefits your organization experiences when you have great website design: Take a look some of our beautifully designed WordPress websites

1. Capture Their Attention At First Glance

Compelling and captivating web design hooks the reader’s attention and leaves a positive impression about your brand.

Screenshot Of Penny Appeal Canada's Website Design and What A Good Website Looks Like
Screenshot of Penny Appeal Canada's Beautiful Homepage Banner

2. Reduce the Bounce Rate

Design that is targeted to the specific visitor speaks to them, keeps them engaged, and provides them with a smooth user experience.

3. Establish Strong Branding

Powerful and consistent branding helps visitors to remember your brand. Once your visitors connect with your brand and recognize it, they will keep coming back to your site for a solution to their problem.

4. Get Better Conversion

A simple, clean, and aesthetic design that gives a clear message makes it easy for people to take action. Design that takes people on a journey with the correct placement of Call to Actions will lead to better conversion.

5. Stay Competitive

People are bombarded with millions of options when they type a query in Google. Why would they choose you? A great website design can help you stand out from your competitors.

6. Improve Search Engine Rankings

Overall, a website that is well-optimized, fast, has a low bounce rate, and high engagement rate will boost your site from an SEO perspective.

Hence, ranking you higher on the various search engine result pages.


The design of your website impacts your brand image in the eyes of the visitors.

The importance of website design is not limited to the visuals but affects various areas. It plays a key role in determining whether a visitor will convert into a customer or not.

If you’re facing problems like high bounce rates or low conversions, it’s time to consult a professional website design company and take your brand to the next level.

Are you feeling like your website doesn’t serve your visitors well? Do you feel like your website design could be better? Reach out to us and we’ll set up a 15-min discovery call to see how we can help!

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