Our COVID-19 Response

By Adam

Our COVID-19 Response

In these unprecedented times to protect our staff, customers, and do our part in flattening the curve, we have decided as a company to work from home until further notice. We continue to do our best to provide the level of service that our customers are used to. We will be substituting all in-person meetings with virtual ones via Google Meet. Check Out Google Meet

As this pandemic progresses, we will closely monitor the situation and follow government recommendations as we get closer to reopening. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at hello@ankitdesigns.com Shoot us an email or 1-866-ANKIT-10. Pick up the phone and give us a call

And to help you out we put together a list of our top 3 most used apps that make working from home just a little bit easier.

Top 3 WFH Apps We Can’t Work Without!

All three of these applications are FREE and highly accessible via mobile, desktop, and browser. They all offer the freemium model, which means there’s a free version with limited features and a more feature-rich version you have to pay for – all priced fairly inexpensively.

Screenshot take of Adam and Thomas on a Google Meet video call
Google Meet–ings with Thomas and he has no idea this pic exists. Surprise Thomas, it’s relevant!

1. Slack: Group Chat

Contrary to its name, this is our go-to chat app and just like their slogan, Slack Get Slack–ing, check it out for yourself is where work happens. You can create relevant channels for your business, post messages, share code snippets, and most importantly, send funny GIFs (pretty much what I use it for). It’s pretty handy, we use it on mobile (iOS & Android) and desktop (PC & Mac) predominantly.

Illustration of Slack in action - from Slack
Source: Slack.com

2. Google Meet: Virtual Meetings

We’ve been using Google Meet for years to chat with our customers all over the world, so it’s a no brainer that it made it into this list. We use it for team meetings, client calls, and just about anything that would require an in-person rendezvous. My favourite feature is the ability to share your screen with everyone on the call, which Google refers to as “presenting”. I run a dual monitor system so I usually present using one monitor and video chat simultaneously using the other. Google Meet Host your next meeting on Google Meet is the business version of the personal, completely free, Google Hangouts.

Screenshot of Google Meet In use - from Google
Source: apps.google.com/meet

3. Loom: Video Recording

I was so used to walking over to Thomas or visiting Julie to explain something that I had typed up on Slack, but WFH made that impossible. Getting on a Google Meet call and sharing my screen could’ve solved that, but timing it was another matter altogether. Enter, Loom Start recording with Loom – a video messaging app that allows you to record your screen, annotate live within your recordings, instantly upload the video to the cloud, and quickly share the link. Oh ya, it’s free too (up to 25 videos but unlimited until July 1, 2020, as part of their COVID promise). This app has saved me from countless frustrating moments making it a must-have in your WFH stack.

Animation of Loom in action from Loom
Source: Loom.com


Given the current situation, we are working from home and doing our part to flatten the curve. As a community, we must band together (with at least 6 m apart lol) and answer the call. Stay home if you can, physical distance, try not to touch your face, and wash your hands as much as possible. Ankit Designs is alive and well, working from home, and still helping our clients traverse the digital landscape through this pandemic. Give us a call or email us, we’d be happy to hear from you!

Looking for help on how to strengthen your digital COVID-19 response or navigate the growing online demand? Drop us a line, see how we can help!

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